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Who Are You?

I was the second person to join GSCentral back in 1998, having stumbled onto his extremely basic website hours after Jim Reinhart had created it. He was looking for new members and I had no idea what a GameShark™ was! So we were both quite lucky that things happened that way, as GSCentral probably would've died weeks or months later.

Ever since day 1, I have contributed reviews, codes across dozens of systems, site overhauls and most the site's public relations over the years.

I famously promised Jim Reinhart I'd make GSCentral the best code site on the Internet and hope I have managed to achieve that goal!

I've gone by a few aliases over the almost thirteen years of GSCentral: Jedi, ShadowKnight, a few secret ones! ;)

About Me

I like to collect old videogame systems and have quite a collection. I own over 200 Gamecube games and still have lots of classic game series like Zelda: LTTP, Mega Man, Super C, Star Fox, Street Fighter...the list would be quite long.

Outside of running GSCentral and videogames, I enjoy lifting weights, photography, partying, movies, shooting the shit with friends, being outdoors, camping, and trying new things and visiting new places.

All-Time Favourite Games

Super Mario Bros., all the Street Fighters, Asteroids, the Double Dragon series, Castlevania series, Batman (NES), etc.

Most Wanted Games

Right now...Crysis 3, F.E.A.R. 3, Bioshock 3...and Half-Life 3. If I can dream, Duke Nukem Forever!

Favourite Developer(s)

RARE Ltd. used to leave a lot of beta in their games, more than any other company that I can recall. It's a shame we cannot hack the X-Box (as of this writing...) or X-Box 360 and see whether they have left in more unused textures, characters, amongst other unseen items.

Favourite Hacks

A lot of the beta GoldenEye 007 stuff that Zoinkity and SubDrag did blew me away. The most notable hack that comes to mind was piecing the Citadel together, alongside adding more multi-player stages, the image modifiers, and the head modifiers. The SSBM debug menu was my own personal favourite hack.

Favourite Game To Hack

None comes to mind, really. I like to hack oddball codes that no one else has thought of or neglected games that I feel deserve more codes.

Favourite Past Game To Hack

I have a few games that stand out:

Goldeneye 007. There was simply so much there to hack!

Super Mario 64. For Mario, I loved seeing the textures remapped on all of the levels. Finally seeing Mario with a big hand and his head up his arse while walking was hilarious!

Favourite GSCentral Moment

I believe around 1999, when we really had enormous momentum. New GoldenEye 007 hacks were being released regularly and Banjo Kazooie/Tooie hacks were still being made, etc. But I have enjoyed all of my time at GSCentral, really, both the good times and not-so-good-times!

Final Thoughts?

Follow your dreams. Never give up and always fight the system.


Rune can be contacted on the official GSCentral vBulletin messageboards here.